Proxies for Bots

Get proxies for sneaker bots that will make copping limited edition shoes a hassle-free endeavor.

sneaker proxies for bots

Buy multiple pairs with ease

USER:PASS authentication. No expiration time. Instant delivery. Low MS residential proxies.

Customizable IP poolGlobal

location coverage

IP pool28M+

IP addresses

Server routingIP-scored


Cop from sneaker sites without fear

Sneaker sites will do everything in their power to stop you from getting multiple pairs of limited edition shoes. Private proxies are your answer.

With Proxydrop sneaker proxies, you’ll be able to easily bypass most sneaker site restrictions. Our 28M+ IP pool that supports location targeting will grant you access to as many limited edition sneakers as you like.

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Forget about having sneaker proxies work only until you really need them. Our IP addresses will give you the stability and speed you need for easy sneaker copping.

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Sneaker proxies features

IP pool

Unthrottled IP addresses

Use your sneaker bot with any settings you like. Our proxy pool will provide you with a unique IP address that’s unthrottled.

Server routing

Nearly-unlimited IP pool

Get vetted residential proxies for the most efficient copping — enjoy a large IP pool and easily switch between addresses.

Customizable IP pool

Smart location targeting

Our residential sneaker proxies provide global coverage. We will automatically target locations with lowest ping if needed.

Customer support

Skilled customer support

We’ve seen most bots (e.g. AiO bot, Easycop bot, etc.) in action. If copping fails for any reason whatsoever, we’re ready to help.

IP pool28M+

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