Dedicated Datacenter Proxies for Instant Coppin

Get datacenter proxies with a ton of IP addresses and will level up your copping game.

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Top-notch dedicated proxies for any sneaker site

USER:PASS authentication. Low CAPTCHA rates. No expiration time. Low MS dedicated datacenter proxies.


per IP address

Customizable IP poolVarious

subnet blocks

Server routingUS-based

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Sneaker copping without disruptions

One small hiccup, delay, or unlucky CAPTCHA and your attempt at getting some sneakers could be wasted. Going with shared datacenter proxies only makes these issues more likely.

At Proxydrop, we work tirelessly to deliver the best dedicated proxies for serious copping. Our IP addresses have been tried, tested, and vetted against most sneaker sites. Every IP address is dedicated and truly only yours.

Additionally, our IP location is restricted to the USA, so that you can get dedicated datacenter proxies that are close to most sneaker site servers. Couple that with the unparalleled stability and speeds given by our IP address providers and you have a recipe that will beat every other sneakerhead to the punch. Experience limitless copping with dedicated proxies.

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Dedicated datacenter proxies’ features


Unlimited traffic

Our pricing is per IP address instead of traffic. Experience the true power of datacenter proxies by taking advantage of the speeds without overpaying for it.


Free proxy checker

Want to squeeze out even more out of your dedicated datacenter proxies? Use our proprietary proxy server checker that will allow you to measure the health of every IP address.


Monthly subscriptions

Get started with datacenter proxies instantly. Once you purchase the IPs, you are automatically billed once per month and that’s it.


Unlimited targets

Cop from anywhere you want. Our datacenter proxies can reach any website and any target, allowing you to achieve effortless copping.

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