Wrath Bot Review [2022]

June 10, 2022

Author: Timothy


wrath bot review

Wrath bot originally dropped back in 2019 and has risen in popularity ever since. It has earned its spot as one of the most successful bots in the industry. Wrath AIO doubles as both a sneaker bot and a more generic one that will let you grab some hyped items.

With everyone singing its praises, it can be hard to get a good understanding of how good it is in comparison to the competitors. Wrath AIO, just like many other sneaker bots, doesn't come cheap (if you can even get it!). Finding out if it’s suitable for you beforehand can save you a lot of pain and money.

What is Wrath Bot?

Wrath bot is automated checkout software for a variety of websites. In other words, it’s an all-in-one sneaker bot that’s intended to help users get limited edition items before anyone else can. It’s most popularly used by resellers and sneakerheads to get those items for whatever reason they need it.

As a bot, it mostly covers Shopify, Supreme, Mesh sites, and several other websites and companies. Due to the regular updates and care shown by the developers, Wrath AIO is one of the top bots of the industry. Only the most dedicated sneaker botting masters use several all-in-ones at once. From what we’ve seen, if you want to get your feet wet and get some sneakers, Wrath is more than enough.

Wrath Bot pros 

Wrath brings most of the features you’d find in a top-of-the-line sneaker copping bot. As we’ve mentioned previously, it supports numerous websites and grants a lot of freedom on how you can customize your copping experience.

Most importantly, it offers multiple checkout modes that will let you evade bot protection from websites such as Supreme. Additionally, regular anti-bot systems such as reCAPTCHA are evaded through harvesting features that spread out the tests in the most efficient way possible.

Wrath AIO bot is also suitable for the data-driven person. They provide in-depth analytics that will show the success ratio, spending, orders, and numerous other data points that helps users track the efficiency of their copping strategy.

Finally, the entire bot is incredibly easy to use due to the modern UI. The developers have clearly spent some time and effort into creating a user interface that matches most of the tenets of proper design philosophy.

Wrath Bot cons

There is one glaring flaw with the Wrath sneaker bot - it’s frequently out of stock. In fact, most reviews and users complain of exactly this drawback. They seem to heavily limit the amount of licenses given out to users. 

While the retail price of Wrath AIO isn’t too high, it won’t matter in most cases. You’ll basically need a bot that will constantly check whether Wrath is available or not. It’s likely that whenever it becomes available, it won’t stay that way for long.

Although, you can usually find a key to rent Wrath for fairly low prices. Websites like Whop have rentals for Wrath available all the time. As such, the out-of-stock nature of the bot may even be a benefit if you manage to get a key - you’ll be able to easily loan it out to other users.

Additionally, it seems to have not lived up to the speed hype it once had. Certain websites, such as Supreme, have changed the way they operate. Wrath was supposed to counteract any changes with huge speed improvements, however, it seems to be lagging behind a little bit. Don’t take this the wrong way - it’s still one of the faster Footsites, Mesh, and Shopify bots in the industry. It’s just not a perfect sneaker copping bot.

What sites does Wrath Bot support?

Since Wrath is an all-in-one bot, it supports a whole host of websites. Note that they send out constant updates if one of the ones outlined below start lagging behind:

  • Footsites (US & CA)
  • Shopify stores
  • Supreme
  • YeezySupply

So far, this is an exhaustive list. As you can see, Wrath bot mostly focuses on the US audience since most of the stores are fairly exclusively intended for them. Of course, you can still use Wrath bot as a EU resident, you’ll just need a reshipping company to forward parcels.

Supposedly, Wrath bot have mentioned that they might release more stores in the future. It has been like that for quite a bit and we haven’t seen any important updates. They seem to be more focused on maintaining functionality rather than expanding it at the current moment.

Wrath vs Cybersole

These two are some of the top Shopify bots available (or out of stock) on the market right now. As sneaker bots, they have a lot of similarities in features, look, and feel of the software.

You really can’t go wrong with either of these bots. Cybersole might be a tad more expensive, so if money is an issue, Wrath is definitely the better choice. Both bots, however, cook almost equally well. They’re both fast and consistent.

They even have most of the same websites on their list. Wrath supports Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, etc. Cybersole has a slight edge over Wrath only in Offspring and FNL & JD Sports and some additional region support.

Wrath might only have an advantage over Cybersole because it’s less popular. As such, the key is easier to rent out or resell to others. Wrath is just so damn hard to get that even the license is worth something by itself.

Best proxies for Wrath Bot

Every bot has to have proxies added to it. Otherwise, you’re risking getting a ban and making the license essentially useless. Once your IP address is banned, there’s usually no coming back for at least a little bit.

Luckily, proxies can solve that. They help you change the IP address whenever you want to, making blocks less of an issue. Proxies even let you avoid CAPTCHAs - simply switch the IP each time you get one and it’ll likely be gone.