What is Yeezy Supply?

June 20, 2022

Author: Timothy


yeezy supply

Yeezy Supply is the official e-commerce website of Kanye West’s Yeezy brand. Kanye West established the company back in 2015 as a way to sell his sneakers to a wider audience. Since then it has garnered insane popularity, becoming one of the premier spots to cop for Adidas Yeezy fans.

If you’ve ever tried to cop a pair of Yeezys from the website, you might have noticed they go out of stock whenever they drop. There are ways to get Yeezys, however, which we will outline in this article.

How does Yeezy Supply work?

Yeezy Supply works like many other sneaker sites out there. They have a set amount of stock of Yeezys with some of them being limited edition while others can be bought at any time. Whenever Yeezys restock, the process is called a drop.

Getting the regular Yeezys isn’t usually too much of an issue. Limited edition sneakers, however, are a completely different story. By the time you click on a Yeezy pair on the website, they might have already gone out of stock.

Yeezy Supply is commonly raided by people with sneaker bots and various software. Most of them make a business out of reselling Yeezys on secondary markets by buying up all the stock for themselves. In turn, that leaves little to regular customers.

Kanye West originally said he wanted to increase the supply of Adidas Yeezy sneakers on the market for regular customers. So, Yeezy Supply have tried to combat bot issues in various ways. First, they sometimes outright block some IP addresses during a drop, reducing the likelihood that sneaker bots will buy up the stock.

Additionally, they sometimes use a waiting room to reduce the amount of glitches, lag, and the speed of bots. In other words, it makes some bots useless for the restock and drop.

Finally, as part of their strategy, they have limited shipping of Yeezys to the US only. It has greatly reduced the amount of users (and botters) from Europe at first, however, it’s unlikely that it has made a major difference. Whenever Yeezys restock, someone might just use a reshipping company to get their desired sneakers.

Unfortunately, these methods have not eliminated bots. They will continue to cop Yeezys like there’s no tomorrow, leaving little for the regular customer. As a result, if you want to cop some Adidas or Yeezys yourself, you’ll have to use bots.

How to purchase sneakers from Yeezy Supply?

Since the competition for Yeezys and Adidas is so fierce, there’s no way around it - you’ll have to use bots, servers, and proxies. While getting that pair of Adidas Yeezys is still not guaranteed, you’ll have a much better chance.

1. Get a sneaker bot

A sneaker bot is automation software that does all the purchasing for you. Instead of having you input all the data such as payment and shipping details manually, a sneaker bot will do it all for you on the Yeezy Supply website.

Additionally, these bots will usually have simultaneous processing. You’ll be able to run hundreds of these tasks at once, greatly increasing your chance at copping Yeezys on a drop.

Most bots come with lots of other fancy features such as a drop monitor to help with copping Yeezys early. They, however, are closer to luxuries than necessities. To cop Yeezys successfully you only need a bot that works on the website and can run many tasks at once.

Bots can be separated into two primary categories: all-in-one and dedicated. The former will work on numerous websites almost equally well. Dedicated bots will be developed purely for Yeezy Supply.

Even if you want to cop Adidas and Yeezys only, all-in-one bots are recommended for beginners. While they may be a bit pricey, they’re usually not that more expensive than dedicated ones. All-in-one bots are also easier to find or rent from other people.

2. Get sneaker proxies

Yeezy Supply and Kanye West, as mentioned above, have gotten wise to people attempting to use bots to cop their coveted Yeezy drops. One of the telltale signs of someone using automation software is that they send many connection requests from a single IP address.

Since a bot usually runs on your home machine, it has only one IP. If it’s sending thousands of connection requests to Yeezy Supply every minute, they’ll know you’re using a bot and ban your IP address, restricting access to the website.

Sneaker proxies are a way to circumvent these issues. They are made out of regular household devices that agree to route your connection requests. As sneaker proxies never reveal the original source of the request, Yeezy Supply will think it’s a new user each time.

A single proxy provider can have millions of sneaker proxy IP addresses. Once you get access to such a pool, you need to integrate it into your Yeezy bot. After that, getting that coveted pair should be significantly easier.

3. Get a sneaker server

While the first two tools are absolutely necessary, a sneaker server is more of a luxury that helps you improve chances at copping from Yeezy Supply. It definitely helps, but some people get plenty of Yeezy pairs without one.

But if you want to absolutely maximize your chances at copping from Yeezy Supply, get a sneaker server that’s near the website host. In short, a sneaker server is a business-grade computer with better internet connectivity and hardware than any household device.

Buying (or renting) one allows you to use it in any way you like. To use a sneaker server properly, set up your bot and proxies on it. Since it’s so much faster than anything a regular household may be, it will save you precious time whenever drops happen.

Additionally, it’s best to find a machine close to Yeezy Supply website host servers. Distance is somewhat of a factor of how fast, regardless of internet connection, machines can connect. Since you’ll be buying a dedicated machine for Yeezy copping, you might as well get one that’s most efficient.


There are even more ways you can get shoes from Yeezy Supply such as using multiple shipping addresses and payment accounts. These methods, however, are intended for the most extreme Yeezy fans who want to get tons of pairs.

If you’re just starting out and looking to get your own pair from Yeezy Supply, get a sneaker bot and proxies. These will be somewhat expensive to get started, however, there’s really no other way to get Yeezy pairs. A sneaker server might come in handy if you decide to take Yeezy Supply copping seriously.