What is a Footsite?

May 30, 2022

Author: Timothy


what is a footsite

Footsites are a group of websites all headed under the Footlocker company. Most of them have “Foot Locker” in their name, although such a list wouldn’t be exhaustive. Footsites are a popular destination for people who want to cop sneakers as they usually stock most of the hottest limited edition shoes.

They have risen in popularity due to the rising importance of botting. In fact, Footsite might be a term coined by botters as these websites are a frequent target for copping.

How do Footsites work?

Other than being a rather loosely defined set of websites, Footsites are simply online stores for sports gear. It’s mostly just sneakers, limited edition or not. These websites include:

  • Foot Locker Kids
  • Foot Locker US
  • Lady Foot Locker
  • Foot Locker Canada
  • Footaction
  • Champs Sports
  • Eastbay

On the internet, however, you’ll mostly hear Footsites in the context of botting and automated sneaker copping. It seems that developers of bots sometimes particularly target this set of websites over others.

Notably, these websites seemingly share a single database. Users have reported that getting banned on one will block access to all of them at once. Therefore, extra caution needs to be taken whenever you’re using automated means to cop shoes.

That means it’s also highly likely that purchases could be tracked across websites that belong to the company. While proxies are always a necessity for sneaker bots, they are doubly as important for Footsites.

How do people cop from Footsites?

If there weren’t any limited releases and a huge market for rare shoes, all you’d have to do is visit one of the websites and purchase the pair you want. It isn’t the case, however, making the acquisition of these shoes a lot harder than it may seem at first glance.

Sneaker bots are a necessity for most cases primarily because everyone else uses them. Bots can initiate commands and make purchases faster than any human ever could. Since the stock is nearly always limited, it’s wiped out in minutes through the use of automation.

Footsites have been trying to protect themselves from bots with limited success. Savvy botters use proxies, different accounts, and many other strategies to circumvent the protections in place. So far no fully effective anti-bot strategy has been implemented, which means you can still cop a lot with such software.

3 best Footsites bots

You will need one of these if you’re looking to cop a pair of shoes from Footsites. Otherwise, as mentioned previously, you’ll be beaten to the punch by the competition. Note that a bot, no matter how good, isn’t enough. Proxies are a necessity as they’ll help you lay low and seem less suspicious to the website.

1. AIO bot

AIO bot

Pricing: $325

All-in-one bot (or AIO bot) is at the forefront of the sneaker copping industry. As the name suggests, it works on hundreds of different websites, Footsites included. While you might expect that it would perform worse than a dedicated one, AIO bot seems to work well across the board.

As with most copping software, AIO bot includes numerous optimization features. It automatically retries failed purchases, allows you to queue multiple tasks, helps you solve CAPTCHAs, monitors websites, etc.

In the end, All-in-one bot does exactly what you’d expect. It’s filled with features that help users get as much shoes as they can buy and works on tons of websites.

2. Kodai AIO

Kodai AIO

Pricing: $175 for 2 months, then $59.99 per month. Currently sold out.

Kodai AIO is another all-in-one that’s a little more exclusive. They’re frequently sold out and unavailable to new community members. In fact, you might as well use a sneaker bot to get a Kodai AIO license.

When you can get your hands on it, Kodai lets you cop sneakers online with ease. Just like any other bot, it has a lot of automation features such as CAPTCHA bypass, task queue, etc. It is, however, focused on ease-of-use, which includes an incredible design and multi-platform capabilities.

Many other bots are confusing and clunky to use. Kodai AIO is different in that regard. Out of all the Footsites bots we’ve seen it has the sleekest design and most easily navigable user interface. Even a complete beginner would quickly get the hang of how to use Kodai.

In summary, Kodai is just like most other Footsites bots with the added benefit of looking nicely and being easy to use. Unfortunately, as you’d expect out of one the best Footsites bots, it’s frequently out of stock, so you’ll have to keep monitoring until it becomes available.

3. EasyCop


Pricing: $600 per year.

EasyCop is another of the best Footsites bots that will let you cop multiple pairs with ease. Unlike the other competitors in this list, EasyCop is focused on being a Footsites sneaker bot rather than an all-in-one.

Supposedly, EasyCop should be one of the fastest Footsites bots out there. Since it’s so focused on a single set of websites, developers can code features dedicated to a small portion, which would make the entire process a lot more efficient.

Additionally, it’s a bot that works on both Windows and Mac, making it easier to install and use for most people. Finally, just like Kodai, it seems to have put in a lot of attention towards usability and simplicity. It should be fairly accessible to newcomers.

EasyCop could potentially be one of the best bots, however, it’s a lot more expensive than its competitors and only grants a year-long license. Additionally, if you ever want to branch out of Footsites, you’ll have to find an all-in-one. So, it only works for those who know what they want and can afford the license.

Proxies for Footsites

As we’ve mentioned previously, Footsites track their users across all of the brands and websites since they have a shared database. Even if you bot only on one, it is likely that your activity is being transmitted to all of them at once.

Websites, Footsites included, primarily track the actions of their users through IP addresses. These are generally static combinations of numbers assigned to devices once they connect to the internet. Since they remain the same over time, websites have an easy time knowing that it’s the same user.

Proxies, however, turn the tables. A proxy is essentially any device that’s connected to the internet that allows you to connect to it before sending a request to a website or server. They then relay the request for you and send back the response.

The trick in all of this is that proxies don’t reveal your IP address, but use their own. So, if you use a proxy to connect to a Footsite, the IP address of a proxy is revealed. If you keep changing them, the website won’t be able to track you.

There are lots of types and flavors of proxies. The best ones, however, are Footsite proxies. These are IP addresses that have been vetted for the specific task of botting on these websites. As such, the performance is the highest and the likelihood of getting a ban is the lowest.