What is a Sneaker Server?

January 20, 2022

Author: Timothy


servers for sneakers

Sneaker servers can be a great addition to your sneaker copping setup and help you land the limited edition sneakers you target. However, not every sneakerhead needs them. This guide will explain what a sneaker server is and help you decide if you need one.

A sneaker server is a powerful computer that you can control remotely via your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. The servers usually run in data centers located close to the servers of your targeted sneaker sites. 

Now that you’re familiar with the definition of a sneaker server let’s look into its advantages. 

The advantages of sneaker servers

Some sneakerheads may not need a shoe server, and a sneaker bot is more than enough for them. Meanwhile, others wouldn’t be able to land any pair of sneaks without the servers. Let’s see why what advantages they bring:

  • Speed

Sneaker servers work much faster than a computer with a standard internet connection. A server's connection can reach from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, while an ordinary computer would operate on 100-300Mbps. Some of the most popular sneaker sites, such as Supreme, work on a first-come, first-served basis, so the speed is very important to sneakerheads.

  • Stable internet connection

When copping sneakers, you cannot afford any downtime. Unstable or slow internet connection is especially common if you’re located far from the region where your targeted sneaker sites are based. Sneaker servers ensure stable and fast connection, and you can get a server located near the sneaker site’s server.

  • Powerful resource

Sneaker bots use up a lot of computer resources because they run many automated tasks at once. If you’re operating multiple sneaker bots, you’ll need a lot of computer power to ensure a smooth performance. Sneaker servers are much more powerful than any computer, and you can rent up multiple servers for different bots. 

  • Windows setup 

Most sneaker bots can only run on Windows Operating System (OS), they’re not compatible with Mac or Linux OS. If you’re using a computer with anything other than Windows OS, you’ll need shoe servers to manage your bots.

  • Reliability

To ensure a good sneaker bot’s performance, you need to take care of multiple things. You need to get reliable sneaker proxies, have your computer turned on at all times during the drops, make sure your computer is powerful enough, and internet speed is good for the bot to perform all the tasks. The shoe servers take a lot of these things off your shoulders and make copping limited sneakers easier. 

Sneaker servers

What are the best sneaker servers?

There are three options for sneaker servers, and they each have their own features. Choose the best option for yourself based on how often you need to use the shoe server and how much you are willing to pay for it.

  • Amazon AWS is the best choice for a sneaker server because of its speed. Amazon AWS charges by the hour and performs well on sneaker drops. But if a drop runs for a while, it will cost you. To connect to the server, check out their setup tutorial
  • Google Cloud is a good sneaker server for beginners. Just as Amazon's server, it charges by the hour, but it performs slower than Amazon AWS. To set up Google Cloud, refer to their guide on creating a virtual server instance, and don’t forget to enable HTTP and HTTPS traffic.
  • Dedicated sneaker servers charge monthly, which is a good option for the months with multiple sneaker releases. Depending on your needs, a dedicated sneaker server can cost you around $30 to over $100 a month. Some sneaker bot services, such as Nike Shoe Bot, offer Yeezy servers. Other provider examples are Iced Out Servers and 10xServers.

How to set up a sneaker server?

Depending on what server you choose, you may need to take different steps to set them up. Luckily, most servers have written guides, and YouTube is an endless source of all sorts of guides.

If you’re using an Amazon AWS or Google Cloud, you need to create a virtual server first and then use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to it. If you’re using a dedicated sneaker server, all of that will already be set up for you. 

Running a sneaker server on mobile

You can control your sneaker servers via a mobile phone. To do that, you need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. The interface is not the most user-friendly, but it works. 

The best sneaker server location

The best location for your sneaker server is as close to the shoe website’s server as possible. For example, if the sneaker site is based in the UK, it’s best to use a server located in London or other cities in the same country. 

This is especially helpful if you are located in a different region than the sneaker sites you’re targeting. So with a server that is based in the United States, you can target all the US sneaker sites, even if you live in the Bahamas. This will ensure a better speed and a more stable connection during the drops.

Do you need a server for sneaker bots?

The answer to whether you need a server for sneaker bots comes down to your needs and resources. If you’re using a Mac or Linux OS for copping sneakers, then yes, you need a shoe server. If your internet connection is unreliable and slow, then again, you need a server. 

However, if your needs are low, you’re not targeting the Supreme sneaker site, and you don’t want to spend extra money on the server, you can get away without one. But you’ll certainly need a powerful computer with a stable internet connection and Windows OS.

Another reason why you may not need a shoe server is that many sneaker sites are moving on to a raffle system, and speed over there is not as important.

Whether you decide to use a shoe server or cop sneakers without one, you’ll need sneaker proxies. We offer fast and reliable IPs to help you land limited-edition sneakers. To learn more, check out our sneaker proxy plans.