shoe, sneaker, boot

I got Yeezys, I got Jordans, I got it all – but I’m not here to show you my crib. The thing is, catching Ls while trying to get some fly kicks is life…But there are ways that can help you get your hands on those off-whites. So put your black hat down because I have the intel for you – including my w’s and my derp moments.

shoe, sneaker, boot

Tip #1 - Stay on your toes

Use Discord and reddit to check if your pair is legit, do bulk buys, and get early links. BUT the thing is that everyone can see the sneaker release date – the real game is during restocks. A lot of orders get cancelled, so run monitors for them. Sometimes you can expect half of the shoes to go back on sale – that’s huge! It’s also a good idea to monitor sites on your own – shock drops are a thing yo.

Tip #2 – Know when to release your beasts

It’s NOT always the best idea to run bots 10 minutes before a release. Some sites detect bots and can get you blocked real quick. Make sure you know when to jazz it up before dropping cash on proxies – timing is important 💣💣💣

Tip #3 – Put your feet up – this is ez

  • Get smart – lets you have multiple credit cards for fast buys. If you use different CCs, then the site is also less likely to catch you out.
  • Spice it up – jig your address – write the crib number before the street name, anyway,– you get the idea. The dumb bot sneaker sites use to check for duplicate addresses won’t.
  • Let’s talk about captchas. There IS a way to get less of them. Listen. Get some older Gmail addresses – warm them up for a few months so that they seem legit (watch YT, send an email or smth), and you’re golden. Use these when you’re in the game, and those captchas won’t catch ya (ha).
  • #derp – make sure you’ve set the right sizes, cause if you don’t choose the most hyped up ones (sizes 4-8 roughly), you won’t be able to resell them. Yes, I got a size 3 that’s mine foreva. But look, it was the first pair I got, so don’t come @ me. 

TL;DR Get that street cred the easy way – these are only a few tips to upgrade your sneaker bot game, but they might make a big difference in the end. As big as a pair of Jordans. 

Peace out ✌️