Nike Shoe Bot Review 2021

October 29, 2021

Author: Timothy


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Quick rundown

  • Popular, powerful all-in-one bot that has a high success rate.
  • CAPTCHA solving features.
  • Extensive task management.
  • Monitoring features.
  • Supports almost any Shopify website.
  • Discord community.
  • Mac and Windows platform support.
  • No Linux support.
  • $499 per year.
  • Sluggish customer support.

Get Nike Shoe Bot.


Nike Shoe Bot is an established piece of software in the sneaker copping industry. NSB 2.0 has been in the works for a long time now, so it’s legitimacy isn’t in doubt. What is in doubt, however, is whether it is worth the price tag that has been slapped on to it.

We decided to take it upon ourselves to investigate if that is the case by doing a Nike Shoe Bot review. There are so many bots out there, each positioning itself as the best thing since sliced bread, that picking the best one can be daunting.

Of course, Nike Shoe Bot is not the only piece of the puzzle when it comes to grabbing limited edition sneakers. Proxies are an equally integral part of the process. So, the entire Nike Shoe Bot review assumes that you have high-quality proxies available.

What is Nike Shoe Bot?

Nike Shoe Bot is an all-in-one sneaker copping automation tool. NSB works on many different shoe-related websites and provides a multitude of features. These are intended to make copping as easy and as streamlined as possible.

As such, its name might be a little confusing. That is, however, because Nike Shoe Bot began as a bot intended only for Nike websites. Since then, the bot has been upgraded numerous times and now is an all-in-one bot. Unfortunately, the developers seem to have forgotten to rebrand.

Nike Shoe Bot pros

Just like most other all-in-one sneaker bots, Nike Shoe Bot provides a whole host of features. No doubt, the quality and number of the features adds to the popularity and success of the bot. We, however, won’t be going through absolutely every feature, rather the ones that are most important.

Multiple site support

According to the website, Nike Shoe Bot supports over 100 sneaker sites. Most of these are sneaker giants such as Footsites, Supreme, Demandware. Quite ironically, support for Nike platforms has been discontinued for now at least.

Additionally, the software provides Shopify support. That, however, does not mean some Shopify sites. Nike Shoe Bot developers mean absolutely every Shopify site in existence (and ones that will come into existence in the future). While that can’t be truly tested, it does seem to work as intended.

Finally, Nike Shoe Bot works as well as most other dedicated sneaker bots. You might expect an all-in-one to be pretty slow on at least some select sneaker sites. NSB bot, however, performs equally well on all of them.

Multithreading support and task management

Instead of relying on a single CPU core to do all the work, Nike Shoe Bot uses multithreading technology to improve performance. In human terms that means the bot can do many tasks simultaneously instead of one after the other.

In turn, that lets it support a large number of tasks, which greatly improves speed. Additionally, since these tasks can be performed simultaneously, sneakerheads that have lots of accounts and proxies will be able to cop inordinate amounts of shoes.

Finally, Nike Shoe Bot provides the opportunity to queue up unlimited tasks. However, the benefits don’t end there. The developers have also implemented the ability to edit multiple tasks on the fly, allowing you to optimize performance during drops.

Cross-platform support

Most bots are developed for Windows users only. They seem to be the most popular users of sneaker bots. Yet, there’s always a significant portion of people using Mac OS.

Luckily, Nike Shoe Bot supports both Windows and Mac OS. That by itself beats other products such as AIO Bot who can only support Mac OS if a virtual machine is used. Just by adding simple Mac platform support, Nike Shoe Bot takes off a lot of burden off of those users.

Unfortunately, Linux users are not so lucky. Nike Shoe Bot is not available on that platform. If you are a Linux user, you’ll have to (most likely) install Windows on your machine.

User friendly interface

Nike Shoe Bot developers know that staring at ugly and confusing screens isn’t fun. They have developed a very user friendly interface that even the least tech-savvy of us are able to understand. While noticing a few different tabs on startup might be a little daunting, they are, in fact, very easy to figure out.

In fact, the entire process from start to finish is extremely simple. For Windows and Mac users the installation and setup is extremely straightforward. Even if someone runs into trouble, the company sends out an onboarding email with detailed instructions on how to get started with the bot.

Finally, all updates are downloaded automatically. No need to worry whether Nike Shoe Bot will work on the latest drop, because if a new version is available, it’s already installed.

Extensive automation and security features

Nike Shoe Bot aims to make everything automated. Since speed is so important in the copping game, automating as many aspects of the process as possible greatly increases the success rate. Some of the features provided are:

  • Sensor Cookie Generator. Can generate cookies for Akamai protected sites to reduce the likelihood of issues when buying.
  • Multiple CAPTCHA solving features. NSB has both a manual CAPTCHA solver and ways to generate a CAPTCHA token. Greatly reduces the likelihood of failure due to these tests.
  • In-bot monitor. Any cook group (as long as it has a Discord server) can be monitored from within Nike Shoe Bot. Supports multiple channel monitoring. Can be hooked up to keywords as well.
  • Smart login. Counters Shopify websites that require log-ins for purchasing.
  • Shopify queue bypass. Automatically bypasses a checkout queue on Shopify websites even when bot protection is active.
  • Dedicated Discord. Provides access to the Nike Shoe Bot cook group and, partly, the support team.

Most of these are part and parcel for most all-in-one bots. Most of these, however, are incredibly important for a high success rate such as the ability to generate CAPTCHA tokens.

Nike Shoe Bot cons


It is definitely going to run up the bill. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive bots on the market with the nearly $500 per year price. Those who are intended to cop just a few sneakers they want are probably better off looking elsewhere.

For those, however, who are in the game for the long run, Nike Shoe Bot shouldn’t be that expensive. Reselling sneakers, if successful, will more than repay the price of the subscription. In fact, that is likely to happen fairly quickly.

Sluggish support

While the support team is definitely very helpful, the communication is as slow as it gets. They have a Discord server, however, it doesn’t seem to be in use that frequently for support communication. Most of it happens through email.

It is worth noting that they are a bit unlike most support emails you get. Instead of getting a boilerplate message most of the time, they do take the time to actually read the message and reply with detailed information.

Luckily, with the detailed manual that is delivered upon purchase, contacting customer support won’t be a frequent occurrence. Yet, when it does happen, it’s best to send an email way in advance of a drop.

Nike Shoe Bot vs AIO Bot V2

NSB and ANB AIO are the two most popular bots on the market. Both have been in the game for long periods of time, both are frequently hyped up to the best one. We do, however, have a favorite in this duel.

Before we proclaim the winner, we should note that we are not basing our comparison on the success rate. Success rates, from start to finish, have so many different factors at play that no fair comparison can truly be done. For example, connection speeds will be severely affected by the quality of hardware, other software, and proxies. Those who use low quality residential proxies will nearly always have low success rates, regardless of the bot used.

That aside, out of the two bots we highly recommend Nike Shoe Bot. While AIO Bot can definitely work for grabbing sneakers, it does have a few important drawbacks. First, its user interface is significantly worse when compared to NSB. Second, the setup is significantly more complicated. 

Additionally, many users report that AIO Bot is slower than NSB, which can severely impact the ability to get a hit. AIO Bot was definitely great some time ago, however, the newer ones, such as NSB, seem to have overtaken it.

Finally, the price difference between the bots is not so large that it would draw serious considerations. For most people, if they can afford $325 for their sneaker bot, then they can also afford to shell out $499. One last thing to note is that AIO Bot will only provide updates for 6 months for the price while NSB provides year-long support.


Nike Shoe Bot is a legitimate all-in-one bot that is tailored to those who are less tech-savvy. In fact, it’s a great bot for beginners as it comes with a highly detailed manual and very intuitive user interface. 

With all the features NSB provides and all the benefits it brings, it seems to be the perfect choice for someone who is looking to get their feet wet in the sneaker game.