Nike "Access Denied" - 7 Tips for Unblocking Nike

July 14, 2022

Author: Timothy


When browsing online, getting an "access denied" error message is never pleasant. Especially if the site you’re trying to access is Nike, and the error occurs on a new sneaker release day. 

The error message can appear for a number of reasons. Some of the most common ones include an IP ban from Nike. If you try to access the site with the same IP address too many times, the site can block your IP address and deny access. 

Another possible reason is Nike’s server issue. You can check Nike’s website status online to find out whether the problem is with their server. Some sources provide live web status as well as status history. You can see if anyone reported the website to be down in the last 24 hours, and in what location the problem was reported.

A faulty proxy server is another reason why your access can be denied. It can also be old cookies or simply a browser cache that needs to be cleared.

Whatever the reason, getting your access denied is frustrating. We listed seven tips that can help you unblock the Nike site.

Tips for unblocking Nike website when you get an error

1. Disable Browser Plugins

Some browser plugins or extensions may block your access to certain websites. If you receive the "access denied" error while trying to access the Nike website, try disabling your browser extensions or plugins. This may help you regain access to the website.

2. Clear the Browser Cache

Clearing cached images and files can help you access sites that give you an error notification. To clear the cache data, you’ll need to go to settings and choose to clear the cache. Depending on your browser, the path to these settings may be slightly different, but you can easily figure out how to clear the cache by asking Google.

3. Clear the Browser Cookies

Browsing different websites, users collect loads of all types of cookies. Sometimes they can be the reason you receive an "access denied" error message when trying to access a certain website. To avoid that, clear the browser cookies. 

Different browsers may have various settings that lead to clearing the cookies. The easiest way to find out how to clear your browser cookies is by entering your browser name and the query to Google. 

4. Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Antivirus software and firewall can prevent you from accessing websites that these systems find suspicious. Sometimes the websites that the firewall restricts are completely safe and do no harm to your computer. To find out if that’s the reason you don’t get permission to access the Nike website, disable your antivirus software and computer firewall.

However, a firewall is an important safety feature for your network, so if you find out that it’s not the reason you can’t access the Nike website, don’t forget to enable your firewall again. 

5. User Tor

Tor, or The Onion Router, routes your web traffic through its network, and this way enables you to browse anonymously. This is free, open-source software that can help you unblock your access to the Nike website. Try using the Tor browser and see if it helps you regain the permission to access the sites that block your traffic.

6. Use VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you securely access web content from different locations. Enabling VPN can give you permission to access the Nike website, but you’ll have to turn on the VPN every time you receive the "access denied" message.

7. Use Nike Proxies

Proxies can shield your real IP address and replace it with another one as often as you need. Nike proxies are helpful for regaining access to the website if your IP address gets blocked. The block may appear if you send too many requests from the same IP or if the website finds your traffic suspicious. 


There are many reasons why Nike can send you an "access denied" error message. It may be due to sending too many requests and getting your IP banned, a Nike server being down, or using a faulty proxy server.

Whatever the reason, you can take steps that may help you unblock the website and continue using their services. We listed seven helpful tips that can solve your problem. 

First of all, try disabling your plugins and browser extensions because they may be blocking your access. If that doesn’t help, clear the cache and cookies from your browser. Disabling the antivirus software and the firewall can also be helpful.

If these steps don’t get you access to Nike’s site, try using the Tor browser or a VPN. However, these will only give you a temporary solution to the problem. To regain your access to the site, the best way is to use proxies that will change your IP with every request you send to the website.