How to Buy Sneakers in Bulk - 2022 Guide

June 02, 2022

Author: Timothy


Buy sneakers in Bulk

Getting limited edition sneakers nowadays may seem almost impossible. As soon as a drop happens, most of them go out of stock in minutes, if not seconds. Most people only get to see the product page of hyped sneakers and never get to the checkout screen.

Since sneaker reselling got so popular, more and more people have begun using automation software that speeds up the process. Bots have become so fast that they have become a necessity whether you want to buy sneakers in bulk or cop just a single pair.

We’ll go through all the necessary steps, software, and tricks that make copping sneakers in bulk possible. With the knowledge and proper tools, you’ll be able to once again get some sneakers from the upcoming releases.

What sites allow you to cop multiple sneaker pairs?

Most sites out there have implemented various methods to prevent you from buying sneakers in bulk. There are some anti-automation features, but the most popular way is to simply prevent the same person from buying more than one pair.

While all of these prevention methods can be circumvented, we will discuss them in a later chapter as there are some websites that do allow you to cop multiple sneaker pairs. Those are the easiest targets for copping sneakers in bulk. They still require automation, though.

Yeezy Supply

Yeezy Supply is a popular sneaker brand established by Kanye West. As he wanted to make sneakers more accessible, one of the site’s policies is that they allow the same user to buy as many shoes as they want.

There’s a small caveat, which might be enforced according to their own discretion. In their terms, they state that they “reserve the right, without prior notice, to limit the order quantity on any product”. While it’s not as common, it’s definitely possible that extremely hyped sneaker drops might become limited.


Footsites are a collection of various sneaker vendors across the globe. Currently, the list includes these shops:

  • Foot Locker Canada
  • Foot Locker Kids
  • Footaction
  • Foot Locker US
  • Eastbay
  • Champs Sports
  • Lady Foot Locker

All the sites on the list let you cop multiple sneakers. They also have a much bigger collection than Yeezy Supply, since they regularly stock Nike, Adidas, Puma, and many others. There is a catch, however.

Billing profiles are limited to a single website. So, if you use a billing profile and bank account to buy tons of Nike sneakers from Footlocker US, you can’t use the same one on all the others. Careful selection of Footsites goes a long way if you want to get the most out of them for sneaker reselling or other purposes.

Checklist for copping multiple sneakers

1. Bots

There’s no way around it - you’ll have to use a bot. Everyone else is doing so, which makes it impossible for anyone to manually grab popular sneakers.

Luckily, there’s bots for every sneaker website out there. Some of them even offer all-in-one features, allowing users to make purchases on any website as long as they have enough profiles, a separate bank account or payment method for each one, and patience.

In general, it’s often recommended to go with an all-in-one bot for your first attempts. They work reasonably well, are fairly accessible (that is, rarely go out of stock), and fairly intuitive. If the bot you want is out of stock, use a rental website like Tidal Market to rent a license.

2. Proxies

You’ll need proxies even on websites that allow you to purchase multiple pairs. All websites, even ones outside the sneaker world, have anti-bot protection implemented. Usually, it works by tracking a machine’s IP address and measuring how many connection requests they send. Since bots send tons of them in minutes, it’s easy to notice an offending IP address and ban it.

Proxies are services that essentially lend you IP addresses. They’re pools of machines, often ones just like yours, that allow requests to be sent through to them, which they then forward to the intended target. Throughout the process, they only reveal their own IP address, masking the original user.

As a result, proxies allow you to switch IP addresses as much as needed, removing most tracking capabilities from nearly any website. For sneaker copping, optimized proxies for bots are the best choice. They are made out of residential proxies that have been tested with automation software, combining low detection and block rate with great speeds.

3. Multiple payment profiles

A single bank account with a card or two won’t be enough for your journey. Outside of the two websites listed above, almost all other sneaker sellers will limit purchases to one pair. They track that through two primary avenues.

One is the aforementioned IP address. Since you’ll already be using proxies, that tracking method goes away. Just make sure to use a new IP with each purchase.

A slightly greater challenge is creating multiple billing profiles. Websites can always see if the same payment card or bank account is being used, regardless of IPs. As such, they will limit repeat payments.

Since getting a new bank account can be time consuming and quite complicated, most professional sneakerheads opt for virtual credit card providers like Revolut,, and many others. VCCs can be created in bulk (if the provider allows that). They can also be removed for a new one nearly instantly.

A new phone number and email address may be necessary. Getting the latter is quite easy, however, the former might be a little costly. Some opt to use Skype credits to create phone numbers, others use many apps that are available on smartphones.

Finally, for some websites you’ll need a new shipping address for every purchase. It might seem impossible to have so many friends, but most sneakerheads bypass such limitations by signing up to reshipping companies. Most of them have many warehouses and unique identification codes, meaning you can use them to create nearly infinite shipping addresses.


With all of these tools in hand, some knowledge, and a little experience you’ll be able to cop shoes for yourself. With more effort, maybe doing it for a living will become possible.

One final tip, though. Be sure to always test a new setup, whether it includes different bots, proxies, or profiles, before a drop happens. Many things can go wrong and you don’t want to be fixing things during those few important minutes.