EasyCop Bot Review

October 26, 2021

Author: Timothy


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Quick rundown

  • Modern copping bot that works best on Footsites.
  • Windows and Mac support.
  • Extremely beginner-friendly.
  • Good automation features.
  • One of the most expensive bots.
  • Early development stages.
  • Low amount of sites available.

EasyCop Bot (ECB) is one of the newest additions to the copping bot market. While other sneaker bots like AIO or Nike Shoe Bot enjoy a lot of popularity due to being established, EasyCop Bot has a lot to prove.

Anyone visiting their website, however, might consider it to be a professionally made sneaker bot. Their designs are sleek, the website is easy to navigate, and the price point is high. Everything about EasyCop Bot screams “premium”.

Yet, you won’t find a lot of information about EasyCop Bot on the internet when compared to other sneaker bots. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve decided to write a review. We’ll go through the pros and cons of EasyCop bot and compare it with one of our favorites - Nike Shoe Bot.

What is EasyCop Bot?

EasyCop Bot is a (sort of) all-in-one sneaker copping automation tool. It is, however, nearly completely new and information on it is scarce. Yet, at least at the current time of writing, it is a fully legitimate bot.

Judging from the features and sites available, EasyCop is still very early in its development. While it may be considered an all-in-one bot, the supported website list is fairly scarce when compared to its competitors. Its developers, however, are constantly adding new features and websites.

One important caveat before we continue is that EasyCop seems to heavily focus on the USA/CA markets. European stores are given a lot less attention and are added less frequently. It might not matter in many cases, but it’s worth mentioning for those who are focused on European markets.

EasyCop Bot pros

Cross-platform support

Almost every sneaker copping bot is Windows-based. There is usually weak support for Mac users as some bots can only be run through a virtual machine. The virtual machine must run Windows and the bot is launched from there.

EasyCop used to be a cloud-based bot. That meant you’d connect to a server through your browser and didn’t have to install anything. They seem to have moved away from the concept a couple of years ago and now a download link is provided for each person who purchases the license. Connecting to a server is no longer needed.

While it is no longer cloud-based, it does have cross-platform support. It will run perfectly well on both Windows and Mac. Luckily, they made the installation and setup incredibly simple, which leads us to the next point.

Great user interface

While using a web-based bot might be the easiest out of all possible options, EasyCop bot did a lot to retain the simplicity and ease-of-use. Their current iteration has only several tabs, most of which are self-explanatory. Even complete beginners will find it easy to bot. EasyCop is just that simple.

Additionally, their user interface and general experience is great. Menus are extremely responsive, fast, and slick. As an AIO bot, EasyCop seems to have focused less on implementing as many features as possible and more on making the software accessible to all users.

Finally, there’s a lot of supporting material for those looking to bot. EasyCop developers have provided extensive documentation that will help users resolve most of their issues quickly. In fact, many users seem to recommend EasyCop as one of the best sneaker bots for beginners.

Multiple site support

As any AIO bot, ECB provides support for multiple popular websites. Their offerings, however, are a little lackluster even in the newest iterations. According to the website, they support:

  • Footlocker US
  • Footlocker CA
  • Footaction
  • Eastbay
  • Champs Sports
  • Kids Footlocker
  • Lady Footlocker

When compared to others, the EasyCop sneaker bot is a little lackluster. They don’t support many popular websites like Yeezy. We do count the multiple site support as a pro as there’s still many popular websites on offer. But if your main selling point is getting to as many websites as possible, another bot might be better.

Multithreading and unlimited tasks

As part of the attempt to fully optimize the copping process, the EasyCop sneaker bot has developed multithreading support. Multithreading, put simply, allows an application to execute multiple tasks simultaneously.

As a result, that means that EasyCop grants a much higher chance to cop sneakers than any bot without multithreading support. These days, however, it’s nearly a mandatory feature if you want to get as many sneakers as possible, so it’s nice that EasyCop has included it.

Additionally, the EasyCop sneaker bot supports an unlimited number of tasks. If you’re getting prepared for a big release, you can create as many tasks as you need to maximize the chances of success. They don’t seem to have much of a limit on profiles as well, which lends itself to huge levels of customization.

Decent success rate

EasyCop bot stands in an interesting position. It used to struggle immensely with automation, which negatively impacted success rates. In fact, you’ll find many websites still claiming that its rates are extremely low.

Nowadays, the EasyCop sneaker bot has been updated multiple times and has moved away from its cloud-based solution and all the server infrastructure. So far, it seems that the success rate has increased tremendously over time and now it is comparable to other industry leaders. Lots of people have had success copping with it.

EasyCop Bot cons


The EasyCop sneaker bot developers are constantly raising prices. Just about two years ago it was priced at around $200-300 per year. Now the price has doubled to $600 per year and they state that it will keep increasing. That makes it one of the, if not the, most expensive bot in the market.

Fortunately, the developers seem to let people extend their licenses if they bought at a lower price. So, if someone bought the bot for $200 and they still are extending the license, they will keep paying that amount. Therefore, it’s probably a great idea to settle with this one for the long-term if you decide to buy it.

Weak support

They have put a lot of emphasis on delivering in-depth instructions and details on how the bot works. The EasyCop sneaker bot developers did not put as much effort into creating a powerful customer support team.

Don’t expect a live chat option, because there isn’t one. While that wouldn’t necessarily knock EasyCop down a peg, their email support is sluggish as well. Basically, you’re better off, in many cases, going to the copping community for help.

No monitor

Most of the newest sneaker bots provide some form of monitoring for  sudden restocks or drops. Some even go so far as to create their own in-bot monitor. Unfortunately, the EasyCop sneaker bot has none of that. You’ll have to get your monitoring tools elsewhere.

Best EasyCop Bot proxies

Like with any sneaker copping bot, you’ll have to get proxies if you intend to take the process seriously. Without proxies, most websites will limit you to 1 pair and you won’t be able to bypass it. 

Getting the right proxies, however, can be a little difficult as there’s so much to choose from. At Proxydrop, we always recommend getting high quality sneaker proxies. You want to look for ones that are low MS residential IPs with no throttling.

Unfortunately, free proxies are simply not an option. They are slow and, usually, shared with other people, which means that even if you reach the checkout, you’ll likely get canceled as someone else will be buying a pair with the same IP address. This is why we go through a heavy proxy-vetting process to ensure that our pools are made out of premium, lightning fast residential proxies.

Renting EasyCop Bot

If you’re a newcomer or someone looking to just get a few pairs without paying the premium resale price, the price tag of EasyCop might seem crazy to you. Couple the $600 price tag with the requirement of getting proxies, setting up numerous addresses and payment accounts and the costs can become overwhelming.

As there are plenty of short-term bot users, the sneaker copping community has come up with a solution - rentals. Certain platforms, such as Tidal Market, allow ECB owners to rent out their license to others for a fraction of the price. Of course, if you were to use renting services for a year, the price would end up being a lot higher.

For those who are looking to cop a few sneakers they want and stop botting, however, renting a bot is a great solution. Usually, licenses cost several dollars per day. Even if you include a few extra days before a drop into the purchase, the total cost will still be at least several times lower.

Finally, renting a bot may be useful for those who just want to do a test run as well. If you’re just thinking about trying your hand at copping sneakers, shelling out $600 might seem like a huge upfront investment.

EasyCob Bot vs Nike Shoe Bot

In many cases, Nike Shoe Bot might be our favorite. This time, however, it’s not as clear-cut as before. We believe both bots have scenarios where they might be better.

EasyCop Bot has two primary advantages over NSB. First, it’s ultra user friendly. Even complete beginners should be able to get a grasp of the UI and the entire process in hours. Add all the detailed tutorials and it’s almost perfect for a newcomer.

Second, ECB does seem to be blazing fast while maintaining high success rates on Footsites. Many users give ECB glowing reviews for helping them cop huge amounts of sneakers from them.

Yet, ECB seems to struggle everywhere else. In those cases, Nike Shoe Bot will beat ECB at the same game if other sites are chosen. Additionally, the prohibitively high cost of ECB will make some users turn away from it. Finally, Nike Shoe Bot works on so many more websites, which makes it a better AIO bot in general.

Therefore, while both bots can do the same thing, the EasyCop Bot should be used by those who want to cop from specific websites such as Footlocker. For everything else, we recommend Nike Shoe Bot.


EasyCop Bot is a legitimate piece of software that is currently in an early development stage. While it already cooks great on particular websites, its uses are somewhat limited. Yet, we highly recommend keeping an eye on this bot. It might just become the next best thing in the future.

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