Better Nike Bot (BNB AIO) Review

June 15, 2022

Author: Timothy


better nike bot

Better Nike Bot or BNB AIO is one of the more popular pieces of software for sneaker copping on the market. It’s up there with the greatest partly, at least, due to the fact that it’s one of the oldest bots in the industry.

As you may well know, some things age like wine and others like milk. While Better Nike Bot has had its fair share of limelight in the past few years, few people have investigated how it holds up in 2022. There are some areas begging for an upgrade, such as the UI. Is the performance more of the same?

What is Better Nike Bot?

Better Nike Bot or BNB, as mentioned, is one of the oldest automated purchase software. As the name suggests, the original version is intended for use on Nike websites. Since, however, the industry has expanded so much over the years, there are actually four versions of Better Nike Bot now.

First, there are two different versions of primary functionalities. There’s the regular BNB and the Better Nike Bot all-in-one. The latter works on multiple sites (e.g., Yeezy Supply) instead of being limited to Nike. Performance, however, might take a larger hit as, because keeping up with all the anti-bot techniques of many websites is significantly harder than for just one.

Additionally, both the AIO bot and the regular one have a standard and ultimate version. Most of the features remain the same, however, the latter edition adds some additional functionalities such as being able to create an unlimited number of accounts, run the bot on several machines, etc.

Finally, the pricing model is interesting to say the least. Both of the standard editions cost $200 for 6 months. Both of the Ultimate editions cost $600 for 12 months. So, it’s more of a choice between websites rather than pricing.

Other than that, it’s just like every other part of the sneaker bot market, especially the BNB AIO version. You have your bulk task editor, proxy support, account generator, automated checkout process, etc. If you have any experience with sneaker bots, Better Nike Bot isn’t going to be much different.

Better Nike Bot features

Nike only

Unlike the BNB AIO bot, the standard version is limited to Nike SNKRS sites only. Additionally, there’s a set limit of 5 accounts created per day. It can be bypassed with the Ultimate edition, however, that will ring you up $400 extra.

SNKRS calendar

While not a fancy feature by any means, the SNKRS calendar is definitely helpful. You can see the dates of a regular drop and filter by your favorite style, sneaker model, color, etc. Everything you need to cop in style. Code does the rest for you.

Multiple process checkers

A large part of the BNB bot feature set is a multitude of various checkers. You get an exclusive account checker, order checker, and several others. Essentially, these are features that help you make sure that everything is in order before the big drops happen. 

Multiple region support

BNB bot supports pretty much every region where Nike websites exist. There is only one exception - China. All of the rest, however, are fair game to BNB bot.

We should also mention that there are some US-only features. BNB bot developers have created a browserless checkout for Nike sites in the USA, which is significantly faster. Europe, Asia, and others will have to use the regular browser-based checkout.


All of the BNB bots can make use of multi-threading to improve performance. Multi-threading, in simple terms, makes use of CPU cores more efficiently instead of putting all the workload on one. BNB bots, like other players in the sneaker botting industry, scale well with more powerful machines, since CPUs now have up to 16 cores.

In simple terms, multiple tasks will be performed in a simultaneous fashion with Nike Bot. Work is much faster due to multi-threading, letting you beat out the competition. Finally, you can even run unlimited tasks as the software doesn’t limit you in any way.

Keyword monitor

BNB bot has implemented a keyword finder that helps users find surprise drops and restocks. It functions as many others in the market - users can add keywords. The SNKRS bot will then scan Nike websites for changes in URLs with those keywords.

Free updates

All versions of Better Nike Bot provide access to free updates from the developers. The standard editions get 6 months of support while the ultimate ones get 12. Note that Nike sites and many other stores might not instantly update after your Better Nike Bot license expires, so you might be getting slightly more bang for your buck.

BNB AIO features

Keep in mind that many features overlap. Free updates, multi-threading, the user interface are likely all the same across the versions of the product. There might be minor differences, though, they will not be in any way impactful.

Multiple sites

As the name suggests, BNB AIO works on lots of websites. In fact, they have provided a succinct list of all the available ones:

  • Footlocker
  • Footaction
  • Eastbay
  • Champssports
  • Finish Line
  • Supreme NYC, EU, JP
  • Shoepalace

Notably, the BNB AIO bot doesn’t support Nike stores. There wouldn’t be any reason to buy the non-AIO version otherwise.

Unlimited accounts

Unlike the regular Nike version of BNB AIO bot, this one supports unlimited accounts. There’s no need to upgrade to the ultimate version to access such a feature. Having unrestricted access to account generation is especially important for websites that share databases such as Footlocker.

Supreme keyword finder

BNB AIO is a little more limited in its keyword finding abilities. Instead of being able to scan every website, it seems to be limited to Supreme sites. As such, you might need to find a cook group or other monitors to make the most out of this AIO bot.

CAPTCHA solver

There’s numerous ways to solve CAPTCHAs with bots such as implementing a procedure to generate cookies. BNB AIO bot, however, has both manual and automated solvers, so you are never completely stopped by a CAPTCHA request.

Better Nike Bot (BNB AIO) cons

Windows only

While you don’t need to run a setup for either of the bots, they still only work on Windows. As such, you’d need to run a virtual machine or Win emulator if you want to get Nike SNKRS with this bot.

Limited licenses

Unless you get BNB ultimate, you can’t run the bot on multiple PCs. For maximum sneaker efficiency, you’ll want to have more accounts than one and the possibility to run as many tasks as possible. As such, being able to run on multiple machines is an important feature.

Outdated user interface

If you are a big fan of the interface from the Windows XP era, then Better Nike Bot will have a great one. If you are not, Better Nike Bot will look two decades out of date. It seems that the developers aren’t planning on updating it either.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a design choice. Better Nike Bot can be a little bit complicated due to the outdated interface.

Best proxies for Better Nike Bot

You shouldn’t be running a simple SNKRS task without the use of proxies. All websites will track you through your IP address. If they suspect a bot is being used, you can forget about getting your Nike sneakers. A ban will be all you get.

Luckily, Better Nike Bot supports proxies. You’re best off choosing residential proxies as these come from regular devices. Their counterparts, datacenter proxies, are made in business-owned servers. While both work with nearly all bots, Better Nike Bot included, the residential ones are better.

Websites can sort of get an understanding that a proxy is coming from a datacenter. That would not be a regular internet user, but someone using a proxy. If they are using one, they are likely using bots. As such, the likelihood of getting a ban is much higher.

On the other hand, residential IPs come from a device just like the one you are using now. If you implement them in Better Nike Bot, websites will have a much harder time detecting you. Residential proxies are slightly more expensive, but they’re worth it for all bots.

Better Nike Bot review conclusion

That concludes our bot review! Overall, it’s still a solid choice for copping sneakers. It does have a few drawbacks such as the necessity for a virtual machine if you’re not a Windows user and the outdated interface. Other than that, it cops as well as most other bots in the industry. Unlike those other bots, however, it’s much more frequently in stock!