Balkobot Review [2022]

June 20, 2022

Author: Timothy


balkobot review

Balkobot is, at the same time, one of the most mysterious and best automated bots for sneaker copping. There are lots of people raving about its ability to cop from multiple sites while at the same time their website has nearly no information about Balko bot. All it states is “stay tuned”.

As such, most of the information about Balkobot comes from their social media profiles and third-party reports. All of these factors put this all-in-one bot in an interesting position. While there’s no one to sell you overly hyped marketing, there’s also a distinct lack of information.

We’re changing that by writing out a Balko bot review that should settle all the mysteries and unanswered questions once and for all.

What is Balkobot?

Balko bot is an AIO bot that’s intended to help users grab limited edition sneakers from various websites. Bots of this nature essentially automate every step in the purchasing process. Users can set up distinct profiles, set up workflows, payment details, and everything else.

Some AIO bots even include monitoring links and drops. They keep track of multiple sneaker sites and keep checking whether new products appear or old ones are restocked. These bots then automatically initiate the purchasing process if previous settings had been set.

Balkobot retains most of these functionalities. Additionally, since it’s an all-in-one, it supports multiple platforms:

  • Shopify
  • Adidas
  • Supreme
  • Footsites
  • Yeezy Supply

The list of supported sites might change frequently.  Just recently, Balkobot didn’t support Footsites. Luckily, the developers are so dedicated that they constantly keep updating and adding new sites rather than losing old ones.

Balkobot pros

Cross-platform support

It is tailored to multiple operating systems, which isn’t all that common in the sneaker botting industry. While it still lacks Linux support, Windows and Mac users will be able to rejoice as Balkobot supports these OS natively.

Other users might need to play around with virtual machines. Hosting a VM with a Windows or Mac OS could be a solution if Balkobot doesn’t support your operating system natively.

Multi-threaded task management

Like many modern bots used to cop sneakers, Balkobot has multi-threading support. In simple terms, that means it can effectively use multiple CPU cores at the same time, allowing it to perform tasks much faster.

In fact, it’s essentially performing tasks in parallel instead of one by one. Running more tasks than usual is vital for anyone heavily involved in sneaker copping as mere seconds can make or break a drop.

Finally, there’s lots of customization options here. You can set up many profiles with different virtual cards, billing and shipping addresses, etc. All of these will be used perfectly when tasks are being carried out.

Dedicated Discord server

Balkobot has a dedicated Discord server where you can find anything you need. It serves as both the support and community platform. Plenty of like-minded people congregate there, making the bot much more enjoyable to use.

Additionally, Balkobot uses the Discord server as a way to hook up to monitoring processes. All the freshest and latest drops are recorded and sent to a special channel essentially giving you a leg up against the competition.

Detailed analytics

The software is perfect for a data-minded individual. Balkobot has a dedicated analytics window that provides detailed information on the overall performance of your copping activities.

While there isn’t a lot you can use to adapt your strategy, it definitely provides all the necessities for creating an overview. You can find every purchase with the price, image, product name, size (or similar data), and the website you’ve copped from.

CAPTCHA solver

Getting a CAPTCHA page is the #1 killer of all copping. Once they start popping up, solving all of them either takes immense amounts of time or is entirely impossible. Either way, the items are long gone after CAPTCHAs are delivered.

Balkobot includes an automated way to solve CAPTCHAs. You need to set up proxy configuration settings and have a Google account. The auto solver then does things for you (with varying degrees of success).

Proxy support

Like every good bot on the market, Balkobot has native support for proxies. Regardless of which type you use, datacenter or residential proxies it’ll be easy to integrate them into the solution.

In fact, there’s a dedicated tab named “proxies” where you’ll find all the configuration options. Luckily, most of it is self-explanatory, so you don’t require detailed written documentation on how to use Balkobot.

Balkobot cons


Unfortunately, you’ll be hard-pressed to find Balkobot available. Their mysterious website isn’t of much help, but apparently it rarely restocks, making the license nearly impossible to come by. While the retail price and renewal cost are both quite accessible (being about $200 for the license), it’s of no help if it’s never available.

Although it’s important to note that you may be able to rent it on other platforms. It may even be a better option as you only buy the license for an extremely short period of time. If the developers stop supporting it, you can simply hop on to another bot.

Lackluster website

You won’t find Balkobot on Google in any decently informative manner. They do have a website with a shop that just says “Stay tuned’. That’s it. All of the data gathered has been from social media (where they are a bit more active) and third-party experiences.

Best proxies for Balkobot

There’s no sneaker botting without proxies as everyone involved in the industry knows. Websites track your IP address and if they suspect any foul play, a ban is imminent. Additionally, some websites limit purchases to one (or several) per customer with an IP being one of the vectors of detection.

Proxies, namely the residential kind, are the solution. Residential proxies are household devices with ISP-based IPs that route traffic for you. Since they never divulge the nature of the way they operate to the website, it all seems as if the proxy itself is making all the requests.