AIO Bot v2 Review - All in One Sneaker Bot

March 24, 2022

Author: Timothy


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AIO Bot Review Rundown

  • One of the most powerful sneaker bots on the market.
  • $325 subscription fee.
  • Extensive customer support.
  • Constantly updated.
  • Supports multiple websites.
  • Easy to use.
  • Windows support. 
  • Mac support only with a virtual machine. 
  • No Linux support.

Get AIO Bot v2.


AIO Bot has been one of the most popular sneaker bots for many years now. They certainly have nailed the marketing angle down as it has been hyped up to no end. Many users claim that AIO Bot v2 has brought them huge success when copping sneakers.

However, we know that hype can sometimes be just that - hype. So, we decided to look into the thing and write our own AIO Bot review to see if it’s worth the price tag. We’ll go through a short history of the bot, list all of its features, and whether it’s legit. At the end of our AIO Bot review, you should be better prepared to make a decision if you want to buy it.

Of course, if you’re just starting out, getting sneaker bots won’t be enough. While AIO Bot v2 can certainly be a game changer, for it to work, proxies are a prerequisite. Otherwise, a sneaker bot is just a fairly useless piece of software.

What is AIO Bot v2?

AIO Bot (or All-in-one bot) is a tool used to bypass the purchasing restrictions on sneaker websites. It also automates the entire purchasing process, making it easier to buy multiple pairs at once.

Originally, AIO Bot started out as a project called ANB (Another Nike Bot). Later on, the same developers moved on to provide access to more websites, so the name “Another Nike Bot” had to be abandoned. As they are attempting to make the sneaker bot work on all websites, the name AIO Bot was born.

Now, the bot has been upgraded several times and a new version of it has been released. So, the project isn’t some one-man cash grab. AIO Bot, in its various incarnations, has been around for quite some time and has garnered a reputation. Therefore, AIO Bot v2 is definitely legit.


AIO Bot Pros

Just like any piece of software, AIO Bot features are tailored for its intended audience - sneakerheads. Unsurprisingly, all of its features greatly benefit anyone looking to cop as many sneakers as possible.

Large number of supported websites

As the name suggests, AIO Bot works on many different websites. While it’s first incarnation might have only covered Nike, the newest version of the bot works on pretty much any sneaker-related website.

In fact, their website states that the software functions on over 200 websites. These include popular ones such as Adidas, Footsites, YeezySupply, and others. Additionally, the bot seems to work perfectly well on many Shopify websites, as long as nothing too fancy has been done to them.

One of the greatest benefits is that the bot functions just as well as any dedicated one. You’d expect an AIO bot to be slower or more prone to breaking than one that is created for a particular website. Yet, that is not the case. AIO Bot v2 performs just as well.

Multi threading technology and multi task support

Professional sneakerheads usually have anywhere between several and several dozens of accounts. So, the developers know that the best need two things - speed and multitasking.

They have added multithreading support that can take advantage of numerous CPU cores in order to speed up the process. Multithreading, put simply, means that your computer can run many tasks concurrently, which means all tasks are performed at greater speeds.

If multithreading support isn’t enough, AIO Bot is great for those with lots of proxies, accounts, and copping targets. It provides multiple task modes and the ability to que up a lot of them. In fact, AIO Bot can support up to 100 tasks concurrently.

Extensive automation features

Every bot has to have some automation in-built into it. AIO Bot, however, brings the entire kitchen sink into the process. The developers have included every possible automation that could be useful to someone looking to cop some sneakers:

  • Notifications. Provides numerous ways to receive notifications about any ongoing events, including SMS.
  • Product Keyword Search. Allows users to include specific keywords to search for. If a product name is known before the drop happens, users can add keywords to set up tasks ahead of time.
  • Auto checkout. Greatly reduces the time it takes to buy the product by automatically filling all the necessary fields. Includes an auto retry feature for failed checkouts.
  • Website and Shopify monitor.  Automatically checks Shopify websites to catch restocks or unexpected drops. Works on other selected websites as well.
  • Manual CAPTCHA solver. Allows users to generate tokens and solve CAPTCHAs if one appears when copping. 
  • CAPTCHA harvester. Allows users to harvest CAPTCHA tokens to reduce the overall number of tests received.
  • Free updates. Developers provide free updates for the first 6 months after purchase.
  • Free Discord server. Functions as a cook group and community of like-minded people. People in the Discord server also provide a lot of free feedback, troubleshooting, and tips.

Great guides and customer support team

AIO Bot v2 makes it easy even for complete newcomers. They have an extensive FAQ section with detailed instructions. Additionally, videos are available in many cases, making the answers even easier to understand. So, even complete newbies who want to cop their first pair will be able to use the bot without too much hassle.

Other than the FAQ page, they also provide 24/7 customer support. While the response times are not ones of Amazon, generally you can receive a reply within the first several hours.

AIO Bot Cons

Limited operating system (OS) support

AIO Bot seems to have been created with just one OS in mind - Windows. On Windows, you’ll barely find any hiccups with the installation and setup. Other OS’ are a bit more tricky.

Mac does have limited support. By that we mean that anyone using Mac OS has to get virtual machine software and create a Windows VM. From there, AIO Bot can be run as usual. It is, however, a bit clunky to do it that way.

Linux, on the other hand, has absolutely no support. You’ll have to install Windows to get AIO Bot to work.


While in the grand scheme of things AIO Bot will not burn an immense hole in your wallet, it does come with a hefty price tag for a piece of software that requires other tools (proxies) to work perfectly. It is currently priced at $325 for access to the entire thing. After 6 months, updates cost $69.

Best proxies for AIO Bot v2

As mentioned previously, proper sneaker copping requires proxies. Of course, it’s possible to do low volume copping over several websites. But nearly all of them will limit customers to 1 per IP address. 

So, proxies are a necessity for anyone looking to make sneaker copping a business. AIO Bot v2, of course, supports proxies. Setting them up in it is quite simple:

  1. Select Menu, Configure, Choose proxies.
  2. A pop up will open, clicking New List will allow you to create a new list of proxies.
  3. Add in the info and select the options you like.

That’s it! There, however, one problem - which proxies are the best?

Sneaker proxies, as the name suggests, are the best for any bot, AIO included. These are a somewhat fancy name for premium rotating residential proxies. Let’s break that down:

  • Premium - high-quality, low ping, and not shared by anyone else.
  • Rotating - IP changes after each request or a set amount of time.
  • Residential - IP addresses that are granted by Internet Service Providers to household devices.

There are cases where limiting the IP address pool might be beneficial, however, buying location-specific proxies is not always necessary.

AIO Bot v2: Speed and performance

We’ve suggested previously that AIO Bot is incredibly fast. There are, however, two vectors at play - the software itself and proxies being used. AIO Bot works, by itself, incredibly efficiently due to multithreading support.

Unfortunately, it can’t do much about network speeds. If your proxies are low-quality, requests will take a long time to be completed, which will slow down the process. Therefore, an important part of performance is ensuring that you get the proper proxies.

With the right proxies in place and the proper preparations taken, AIO Bot has a tremendous success rate. So, its hefty price tag is backed up by the high copping success rate. Most importantly, it doesn’t seem to fluctuate much between websites, making getting limited edition sneakers a breeze.


AIO Bot has been one of the most popular sneaker copping for a while and with good reason. While it might be a tad expensive for some, the immense feature set it brings to the table and its reliability even in the toughest of times makes it worth every penny spent.