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We love the sneaker copping game, but we weren’t too happy with sharing the same IPs with many other players, flagged proxies during sneaker drops, and slow speeds with low success rates.

This is why Proxydrop values quality – we offer a 28M+ IP pool that we continuously build and customize ourselves, smart server routing, and flexibility in terms of offering you the best bargains.

Become a bounty hunter with a professional sneaker copping provider – one who knows your needs and listens to them.


Sneakers IPs

Unbanned & unthrottled IPs

Fresh and reliable proxies that will cop your sneakers without going extinct.

Customizable IP pool

28M+ customizable IP pool

Sharing isn’t caring – and we’d never make you share your IPs!

Smart server routing

Smart server routing

We will target the nearest server based on your location to maximize the speed.

Customer support

Impressive customer support

We’ll use our knowledge and our tools to provide expert advice and quick solutions.

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